Shanti Shea An (b. 1993) is an artist based in Sydney, Australia.

In her paintings, references to framing, doubling, and folding often converge. Windows and doorways serve as invitations into other spaces and suggest a deferred encounter with exteriority. Books, paper fragments, and the citation of other works of art appear as pictures-within-the-picture, alluding to how one understands the world by, and through, representation. In her recent work, the subject of the ‘folded image’ gestures towards a means of structuring the world according to synthesis and touch.

Shanti holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours) and a Master of Art History & Curatorial Studies from the ANU School of Art & Design. Her Master’s thesis, which was awarded the Australian National University Masters Prize for Excellence in 2019, examined pictorial and architectural thresholds in 17th-century Dutch painting. She is a current PhD candidate in the School of Art & Design, Australian National University.