Look (2023) and Image search (indecision) (2022), included in the first exhibition at the Kitchen Studios in Marrickville, Sydney (29 July – 30 July 2023) with Grace Lee and Oscar Stuart.  

My painting From the outside (2016) is the cover artwork for the US version of Amy Key’s Arrangements in Blue: Notes on Loving and Living Alone, published 2023 by Liveright (Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-324-09173-8). 


Hinge (2023) is showing in Chutespace at M16 Artspace in Canberra in January-February 2023.

    Pendant portraits, often used to commemorate a marriage, are characterised by their sense of symmetry and mirroring. When hinged together, these form an intimate object which can be opened and closed for storage or transportation. Closing the object brings the two images into closer proximity, allowing them to exist in a private world away from prying eyes.
    This work is based on a diptych by the sixteenth-century painter Ambrosius Benson, depicting a Flemish statesman and his wife. The sitters appear to face one another, yet they are also separated by a dividing line and contained within their separate frames. The object, which is necessarily split into two, seems destined for displacement as it drifts through the world.

Image: Shanti Shea An, Hinge, 2023, oil on three panels, steel hinges, dimensions variable.   

Two boys (Matisse homage) (2015) is the cover artwork for the Nathalie Sarraute’s Martereau, published by Folio (Paperback, 
ISBN 10: 2070361365).